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Animal Best Friends: 350 Pound Lion and Adorable Dachshund

Sometimes the most unlikely friendships come in the cutest of places, and that is especially true with these animal best friends. Bonedigger and his best friend 7 year old Milo live together at an animal park in Oklahoma. They were united by their caretaker John and even since have become the best of pals. Not a day goes by that the two unlikely chums don’t spend enjoying the sun and each other’s company. Though Bonedigger enjoys playing with some of the other dachshunds at the park, Milo is without a doubt his best pal. Check out some pics of the two friends below, and be sure to watch the video at the end of the page as well!

Source: youtube

The buddies with their human friend John

animal best friends

Bonedigger with his body guards

unusual animal friendships

…but he’s not above returning the favor!

unlikely animal friends

Video of the cute animal pals together:

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