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Tired of the same-old tree trimmings? Nix the ornaments and pile on the flowers!

If you’ve yet to head to your local forest, Home Depot or bodega to choose this year’s Christmas tree, peep these floral arrangement trees for some seriously fun tree-spiration. The trees forgo the usual lights + ornaments combo and instead use fresh and fake floral bits and bobs to transform the tree into something celebratory and totally unique.

Obviously, this decorating tactic is not for the traditional among us. Instead, it’s a fresh, modern take on Christmas tree trimming, though there’s no shortage of decorating directions you can go. From the whimsical blue, green and pink floral tree, complete with flowers growing out of pods of gold balls on the floor to the elegant and classic red carnation garland, there’s a variation for everyone. The orange, white, yellow and pink floral arrangement that winds its way up the tree is particularly sweet; it looks especially at home in its mid-century modern surroundings. [h/t boredpanda.com]floral-christmas-tree-decorating-ideas__605 floral-christmas-tree-decorating-ideas-1-3 floral-christmas-tree-decorating-ideas-26__605 floral-christmas-tree-decorating-ideas-27__605 floral-christmas-tree-decorating-ideas-28__605 floral-christmas-tree-decorating-ideas-29__605floral-christmas-tree-decorating-ideas-30__605 floral-christmas-tree-decorating-ideas-31__605 floral-christmas-tree-decorating-ideas-33__605 floral-christmas-tree-decorating-ideas-310

Flower farmer makes everyone’s day by putting flowers on strangers’ heads

Farmer and artist Mud Baron just wants to put a smile on everyone’s faces. Understanding the power of flowers to uplift just about anyone, he started creating bouquets from the flowers grown by his students at Muir Ranch, a well-known school garden at Pasadena’s John Muir High School. He would then go around town convincing friends and strangers to put the bouquets on their heads. Their portraits while wearing the organic crowns are documented in a photography project called #Flowersonyourhead.

The photos are sure to put a smile on your face as it did for most of the wearers he captured. It’s a fresh infusion of color and beauty anyone would appreciate getting added to their day. [h/t boredpanda.com]flower-farmer-grows-smiles-with-flowers-on-strangers-heads__605 flower-farmer-grows-smiles-with-flowers-on-strangers-heads-2__605 flower-farmer-grows-smiles-with-flowers-on-strangers-heads-4__605 flower-farmer-grows-smiles-with-flowers-on-strangers-heads-5__605 flower-farmer-grows-smiles-with-flowers-on-strangers-heads-6__605 flower-farmer-grows-smiles-with-flowers-on-strangers-heads-7__605 flower-farmer-grows-smiles-with-flowers-on-strangers-heads-8__605 flower-farmer-grows-smiles-with-flowers-on-strangers-heads-13__605 flower-farmer-grows-smiles-with-flowers-on-strangers-heads-16__605 flower-farmer-grows-smiles-with-flowers-on-strangers-heads-19__605

Pothole Mosaics Add Beauty to the Streets of Chicago

Artist Jim Bachor seeks to do his part in fixing Chicago’s streets in the way he knows best: his art. He’s created four new pothole mosaics, wonderfully filling the eyesores with beautiful depictions of flowers.

With art such as this, weather is obviously an enormous factor. Jim was only able to install his mosaics when the conditions cooperated, and with winter rolling in their lives will likely be short.

But for a short time, his work serves as a terrific example of the beauty street art can add to the mundane aspects of our daily lives.

If you’re in the Chicago area, Jim keeps a list of addresses of where he’s installed his mosaics, though there’s no guarantee they’ll still be there. A more reliable way of seeing his work would be by visiting his exhibition at the Packer Schopf Gallery, entitled Jentaculum, which runs November 7 through December 13.

pothole mosaics

Jim Bachor

flower mosaic

Chicago mosaic

Jim Bachor

flower mosaic

Chicago mosaic

via Colossal


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