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These photographs of Japanese lightning bugs are unreal

Japan is a country that knows how to somehow take a cute thing and make it even cuter (I’m looking at you, Japanese cat Instagram accounts). That’s why it’s not surprising that even their bugs are more awe-inspiring and magical than anywhere else! Each summer, Japanese fireflies put on a brilliant light show in their attempts to attract a mate.firefiles-1-900x572The yearly spectacle is short-lived, so photographs often camp out in the Japanese forests to properly capture the brightly lit mating ritual. As with any lightning bug, the bursts of light from the Japanese variety are intermittent and short-lived so the photographers will use long exposure shots to capture the beauty. The resulting images are of a dream-like fairy world, with yellow-green auras dotting the darkened forest floors. [h/t fubiz.net]firefiles-2-900x1194firefiles-3-900x602firefiles-4-900x602firefiles-5-900x600firefiles-6-900x549firefiles-8-900x597firefiles-9-900x594firefiles-10-900x604