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Leaning House Creates Interesting Semi-Private Outdoor Terrace

Located on a hilly site in Korea with a view of Chungpyong Lake to the front, the challenge for architects PRAUD with this ‘Leaning House’ was orienting it in such a way so that the weekend home received sunlight without sacrificing its lake view.

Lifting up the southern portion of the house not only solves these problems, but also created new space for a family room and a semi-private outdoor terrace. This ‘third space’ overlooks the lake while being shaded by the overhang above.

The sloping aspect of the home provides for increasing intimacy as you move throughout the house, culminating in the family room at the Leaning House’s anchor point. Zinc-wrapped exterior walls, roof, and underside provide for a contemporary, continuous theme throughout.

leaning house

outdoor terrace

weekend home Korea

contemporary architecture

tilted house

outdoor terrace

weekend home Korea

contemporary architecture

tilted house

via Arch Daily, PRAUD, images by Kyungsub Shin


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Wooden Installation Morphs Based on Your Perspective

Like our bodies begin on the cellular level and build upwards, everything artificial in our lives begins with components as well. Part to Whole, a new wooden art installation from HG-architecture, examines this and reminds us of the way continued repetition flows together to create whole objects.

The wooden installation features an ongoing series of circles which together carve out a void within the cube, creating a stippling 50:50 ratio of voids and solids. Depending on the viewer’s perspective, one sees either a 2-dimension pattern of points and lines, or a 3-dimensional void of space and form. The structure has come together only through the construction of modules woven and stacked, as are things in the natural world.

HG-architecture’s Part to Whole is currently being shown at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul. View more on the exhibition by visiting the installation page.

Source: HG-architecture via Design Boom

wooden installation

part to whole

morphing art installation

weaving modules

2d to 3d


art installation made of wood

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Silk Art Installation Recreates Homes of Do Ho Suh

Korean artist Do Ho Suh’s latest creations is grand in both size and imagination. The silk art installation uses the fine fabric to recreate the artist’s homes at a 1:1 scale, one within another. The smaller home is his the traditional Korean residence in which he grew up. It is suspended in the air within in a replica of the first apartment building he lived at in the United States, which was in Providence, Rhode Island and done in a modern architectural style.

A major theme of the silk installation is a commentary on the dramatic spatial change Suh noticed when he came to the United States to study. The significant distance from Seoul made him feel both uncomfortable and unfamiliar with his surroundings. He greatly wished that he could have just folded up his home and brought it with him, as if it were a piece of clothing which could envelop and blanket his skin. View more of Suh’ installation by visiting MMCA.

Source: MMCA via Wallpaper*

silk art

art installation

ho do suh

korean artist

spatial art

art made with silk

art you can walk inside

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