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12 Homes That Are Straight Out of Fairytales. You’ll Love These.

Children have the most vivid of imaginations, but sadly for many of us that sense of wander abandons us as we get older. Clearly, though, these homeowners are an exception. The fantastic, magical houses we all imagined when being read fairy tales when we were young have seemingly come to life in these 12 homes. Each has an incredibly unique design that would absolutely catch the eye and heart of any passersby. Though small in size, these homes truly stand out from all others.

Source: boredpanda

Hobbit House, Wales

hobbit house, walesImage Credit: simondale

Cottage in Canada

cottage in canadaImage Credit: jamesbirkbeckhart

Three Story Treehouse, British Columbia, Canada

three story treehouse, british columbia, canadaImage Credit: imgur

Nautilus House, Mexico

nautilius house, mexicoImage Credit: demilked

Hobbit House, New Zealand

hobbit house, new zealandImage Credit: Ian Brodie

Seashell House, Mexico

seashell house, mexicoImage Credit: airbnb

Rustic House, Minnesota

rustic house, minnesotaImage Credit: rusticway.com

Stone House, Portugal

stone house, portugalImage Credit: VRfoto

Akebono Kodomo-no-mori Park, Japan

Akebono Kodomo-no-mori Park, JapanImage Credit: yui kobo

Forest House, Netherlands

forest house, netherlandsImage Credit: panoramio

Tiny Victorian House, Catskills, New York

tiny victorian house, catskills, new yorkImage Credit: myshabbystreamsidestudio

Teahouse Tetsu, Yamanashi, Japan

Teahouse Tetsu, Yamanashi, JapanImage Credit: Terunobu Fujimori

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