The beauty of Islamic Architecture: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

6887385701_2d45b51b77_bNo building captures the true essence of Islamic architecture like a mosque. There are many beautiful mosques in the world including The Great Mosque of Mecca, The Blue Mosque, Faisal Mosque, Imam Reza Shrine and many more…. one of these is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque located in Abu Dhabi. It is the largest and the most beautiful mosque in United Arab Emirates.27635789125_c851b6825d_b

History: The construction on the mosque started in 1996 by the late and great president of UAE Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan. The mosque was completed in December 2007. It took about $545 Million to complete the construction. The materials were imported from different parts of the world: crystals, marble, stones, ceramics and all other materials were imported from more than 15 countries. Almost 3000 artisans from all over the world helped to shape one of the most beautiful mosques in the world.Water_mirror_and_columns_in_Sheikh_Zayed_MosqueFeatures Of The Mosque: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque holds a number of different records including the world’s largest carpet which was imported from Iran. The carpet is made from wool and was designed by a popular Iranian artist by the name of Ali Khaliqi. The carpet weights a total of 35. To enhance the beauty of the mosque seven chandeliers have also been imported from Germany. The mosque can accommodate around 41000 worshippers at a single time. You can spot the mosque from miles away due to its wonderfully constructed minarets. The mosque has a total of 4 minarets. Domes are a big part of Islamic architecture and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has a total of 82 domes which is one of the many unique features of the mosque. There is also a special area in the mosque for female worshippers. It can hold up to 1500 female worshippers at any given time.Inner_court_yard_of_Shekh_Zayed_MosqueMillions of people visit the mosque every year including celebrities and royalty. It is necessary for everyone to wear modest clothes. Both men and women should never wear revealing clothes while visiting the mosque. You can also sign up for a free guided tour of the mosque. If you are visiting the mosque then you should definitely sign up for the guided tour. It will help you learn about the history and magnificence of the mosque. If you forgot to bring your modest clothes with you then don’t worry. You can get Abayas and robes from the mosque which you can return upon exiting the mosque. Other than modest dressing, you have to take off your show before entering this spectacular landmark.inside-the-abu-dhabi-mosque-united-arab-emirates-uaeSheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a jaw dropping site to visit. It is one of the most beautiful places in UAE. Like millions of other people, you can also visit the mosque free of cost. The mosque can entertain thousands of tourists at any given time however it starts to get crowded near important Islamic events like Eid and Ramadan.   Sheikh_Zayed_Grand_Mosque_Interior