The Dancing House: The most unusual office building in Prague

There is a movement in the postmodern architecture known as deconstructivism. It is a very unique style that in some way combines architecture with abstract art. This is because of the absence of symmetry and harmony in the shape of the buildings which became very popular in the past 30 years.800px-The_Dancing_House_in_Prague  In Prague, a building was made in this style which is known as The Dancing House. It was designed by the architects Vlado Milunić and the famous Frank Gehry. The construction started in 1992 and it was finished in 1996. In that time, it was a surprise for the people of Prague to see that kind of building that literally popped out from every other building in the city. It is a single construction of that kind that over the years became a very popular tourist attraction.1024px-Dancing_house_windows

The Dancing House sets on a property of a previous building that was destroyed in 1945 during the bombing of Prague. Until 1960, it set in ruins and there were no architectural plans for that space. After 30 years, the land next to the building was owned by Václav Havel who was a very popular leader in the country. When he became the president of Czechoslovakia, Milunic came to him with the idea and his plan was gladly accepted. Havel always wanted to do something creative with that space and was hoping that with this unusual building he will attract many tourists along the Vltava river. Dancing_house_green_lightThe house was originally named Fred and Ginger after the famous dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The shape resembles the two dancers holding each other, the curved shape of it represents the female and the other column represents the male. It was named by Gehry who later requested that the name should be changed because he didn’t want Prague to have a building that was inspired by Hollywood famous film couple but instead to have a name chosen by the citizens of the city. The name Dancing House still stands as an inspiration from Gehry’s idea because the shape really looks like a dancing couple.Prag_–_Das_Tanzende_Haus_-_Fred_und_Ginger_-_Tančící_dům_-_Fred_a_Ginger_-_panoramio1024px-Dancing_House_(7154386345)This magnificent structure is located in the center of Prague, on Resslova Street next to the Vltava River which is very close to the metro station Karlovo Námesti. The top floor is the only one open to the public where visitors can enjoy the magnificent view of the city from the Ginger and Fred Restaurant. The other floors are mainly offices which make the Dancing House the most fascinating post-modern office building in the country.Prague_1,_Czech_Republic_-_panoramio_(62)