These are the cutest photographs of animals from 2016— get ready to die from the cute

We’re pretty sure the Internet was invented solely to provide us with cute, funny animal photos to give our moms something to e-mail us about. And we are definitely not complaining! Animal photos are an instant and automatic day brightener and the Comedy Wildlife Awards are the pinnacle of that cuteness. The winning photographs for the 2016 awards have recently been released and as always, they’re gold.alexander-pfeifferWhether it’s a spotted leopard LOL’ing at some unheard joke, a white owl looking particularly pleased with itself, a frog ready for its close up or a kangaroo catching some shade from a beachgoer’s umbrella, these animals will elicit an “aww” from even the most cynical among us. What’s even more impressive is the photographers’ ability to snap such a candid shot in the wild! [h/t] barb-darpino

charles-kinsey dutton-robert edward-kopeschn isabelle-marozzo isabelle-marozzo-2 james-sharp mary-swaby michael-erwin