These surreal paper collages will send you to another dimension

If you’re looking to escape reality for a moment, there’s no need to pick up any mind altering substances. Simply take a peek at Eugenia Loli’s surreal collages for a mind-bending adventure into another dimension. The California-based artist, illustrator and filmmaker specifically chose her poppy, whimsical subject matter over something more serious to ensure viewers got that needed escape they’re looking for. Eugenia-Loli-02Using images cut from donated magazine pages, Loli begins with a base image and builds from there. Whether it’s a field of poppies, the planet Saturn or a women smoking a cigarette, these main images compel a story to follow in their wake. In one a particularly surreal collage, a black-and-white group of museum goers are presented with colorful 3D plant life that has a fantastical, otherworldly vibe to it. [h/t] Eugenia-Loli-03

Eugenia-Loli-07 Eugenia-Loli-09 Eugenia-Loli-10 Eugenia-Loli-11 Eugenia-Loli-12 Eugenia-Loli-13