Ridiculously Cute Toddlers Dressed as Elderly People

Commercial photographer Zachary Scott recently turned the cuteness level up to full blast with his contributions to an article in The New York Times entitled “What if Age is Nothing But a Mind-Set?”

Accompanying the piece were six adorable toddlers dressed as elderly people, complete with wigs, clothes, and accessories.

Always innovative with his work, Zachary even went so far as to place some of the young children in front of the type of drab wallpaper you’d expect to find in an older person’s home.

The series of babies dressed as old people appears below, if you’d like to see more of Zachary Scott’s work visit his page on Sharpe + Associates.

babies dressed old

babies dressed elderly


toddlers dressed old

toddlers dressed elderly

zachary scott toddlers

via NY Times, Sharpe + Associates, Visual News


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